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Aurora Software

What It Does

A special program on the computer allows you to "sequence" (synchronize) the lights to the music. In the past, we used the program sold by Light-O-Rama (LOR). However, in 2009 we switched to a new program called Aurora. Aurora is relatively new and lacks polish in some areas, however, it does an excellent job with videos (which was important to our 2009 show).

Special note: Aurora used to charge for their product, but as of May 2010, it is now FREE.

Aurora Export

One shortcoming of the Aurora software is that it does not offer a way to export your sequence out of Aurora so that it can be read by other sequencing programs. Light Show Pro offers one solution - if you buy their program it can import Aurora files. However, I was looking for a free solution. So in June 2010, I took on this challenge and created a simple utility to convert Aurora sequence files (DLS extension) to LOR sequence files (LMS extension).

Click here to download and install the program

Click here to download the source code (written using Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express Edition, available for free from Microsoft).